14K White Gold & Diamond Wedding Ring

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This custom power ring packs a big punch! This beauty was made using the customer existing rings and recycling her gold, almost 2 1/2 carats of diamonds set in to over 40 grams of 14K white gold, it is a stunning statement piece. This ring was made by using her Great-Grandmother's, Grandma's and her wedding rings.

Guided to create a modern ring with 2 large centre diamonds plus 44 more various sized diamonds. We added a single salt & pepper diamond that was the mate to the diamond in her husbands ring. It all started as a drawing on paper, next I carved the wax & prepped diamonds and gold to be cast. I enrolled the assistance of a master diamond setter to complete the task to be sure they were all set to perfection. 

Looking to have a custom ring created for you? We can re-use and recycled  your stones and gold or easily start new and fresh for you. $$$$-$$$$$

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