Love your Silver

All Sterling Silver is NOT created equally. In fact, when silver is made in Canada it is 92.5% fine silver and the 7.5% copper alloy, while most other countries use nickel as their alloy. Some people are allergic to nickel alloy. Silver Suspensions ensures that the silver you receive in your purchase is 100% Canadian and nickel-free!

We use Canadian sterling silver for these important reasons...

  • Nickel is the single most common allergen for people, and it is what irritates our skin.                                                                                                
  • We have our silver made to our specifications, we rely on the tensile strength of our silver to keep its shape and form.                                      
  • We pride ourselves in making all of our own hooks, sleepers, hand forge and fabricated all our components. This gives our designs a luxe feel, distinctive look and assured quality.                            
  • All our chains are high quality Italian sterling silver (also nickel free) we use a medium weight gauges and heavier for strength & durability.                         
  • My goal is for our jewelry be your favorite then we have done our  job well. 
  • We value your decision to purchase our hand-crafted jewelry and our greatest compliment is your referral.
Jewelry built for a lifetime of enjoyment

Silver Suspensions jewelry is designed to last a lifetime. Sterling silver tarnishes, especially when exposed to toxins such as salt air, sweat and products containing sulfur, and scents/ hair sprays. However, silver that is worn regularly, typically needs less care. Simply love your jewelry and wearing it daily allow it to shine.

We recommend storing your pieces in a closed air space, such as silk/cloth bags, zip locks or unscented tissue. Save all your silica packets found in shoe boxes or new purses and put these with your silver too. This will create a barrier and help prevent the toxins in the air from tarnishing your silver.

Polishing Silver

Care of silver is simple. Prevention is best. If your silver does tarnish we recommend cleaning it with;                                        
• Soft cotton or silver polishing cloth
• Toothpaste & toothbrush (use old fashioned tooth paste) rinse well with hot water & dry- this works great, it's easy and environmentally friendly.
• Silver dips, please use caution never dip pearls or soft stones as it may effect the finish, thoroughly rinse well with hot water & dry.

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