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Silver Suspensions is a full service jewelry design, all products are made in my custom designed 400 square foot studio. I have a great team, consisting of three people (myself and two part time assistants) each having our own specific tasks. I am the team leader, head designer & senior metalsmith. Sheila has been with me for over 15 years and helps me package, price, ship orders and order supplies/materials. Heather has be on board for 12 years and is my production assistant. I have taught Heather how to finish jewelry, complete designs as well as make sleepers, hoops, hooks and other components.

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My area of focus is shifting from wholesale production to creating small batch and One-of-a-Kind custom jewelry. I love hearing how people cherish my jewelry for years and to be able to have their dreams come to fruition with a custom design piece is very rewarding and heartwarming.

Silver Suspensions
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